Clive's love of the guitar shines through and is obviously communicated to his pupils.

Clive is a patient tutor who has maximised my son's musical ability over these last few years. My son has had fun as he learnt too.

It is rare to enjoy hearing one's child learning an instrument but Clive's guitar teaching has proven the exception. Hearing the mutual laughter of pupil and teacher amidst the lovely sound is always a pleasure.

Mark Harvey - Parent

I have been learning to play the guitar with Clive for the past two years. He has a relaxed and very pleasant style of teaching.

I have found my lessons very creative, productive and very enjoyable. I would highly recommend learning the guitar with such an experienced teacher.

Anthony Corner - Student

Clive has taught me, someone with very little talent, guitar for many years and has really brought my playing to a level I could never have dreamt of. Clive makes guitar playing easy, fun and best of all, stress free, because he's extremely patient, explains everything well and understands that everybody has to learn at their own pace.

Clive makes learning guitar so relaxing, that my ten year old son asked for a lesson, and now, seven years later, play to a really high standard. If you want to learn music and play guitar, Clive is your man!

Pedro and Tomas Gamecho - Parent and Student

Clive has been tutoring my son Jack in classical guitar for the past 9 years. Jack has progressed smoothly through his ABRSM grades under Clive's tuition and expert guidance - passing all theory exams with distinction, and all practical exams at distinction or merit.

Jack has achieved a level of performance where he has now been offered a place at the Royal Welsh College of music and Drama to study a BMus in classical guitar.

In my experience, Clive possesses the years of experience and empathy to bring the best out of the students of any age; demanding and achieving the highest professional standards through positive encouragement

Jack's success to date is undoubtedly as a result of Clive's exceptional qualities as a classical guitar tutor, and I would recommend him without reservation.

Andrew Goodwin - Parent

Clive has successfully guided both of our boys from being complete beginners to accomplished guitarists. He has always shown great patience and enthusiasm on his weekly visits to our home.

With our youngest son now preparing to leave home to study music in university, Clive's advice and experience has helped him make informed choices about his intended career.

Mr and Mrs Sloggett - Parents

Clive was recommended to me when my son was looking for a change from 'Rock School' as he didn't want to play the electric guitar. This move onto the classical guitar was an absolute blessing; it is beautiful listening to him practice as he looks forward to his lessons. Clive is a patient, fun and inspiring teacher, he brings out the best in my son's playing and enjoyment of the guitar. Clive cultivates an appreciation and enjoyment of music, that I have no doubt will always stay with my son.

Nicole Harris - Parent

Billy has been learning the guitar with Clive for some time now, and I am amazed at how much his skill in not only playing the guitar but also reading music has developed. Billy is fully engaged in lessons and enjoys them thoroughly. He always finishes lessons and is excited to tell us what he has done and what he has learnt. I love hearing him practise!

Clive is patient and very positive in his approach, which has motivated Billy in his progression. I would highly recommend Clive to any parent who wishes their child to learn the guitar.

Katie Tudor - Parent

Despite Clive's relaxed approach to teaching, before you know it, you're passing music exams!

My daughter and I have had lessons with Clive for a few years, both in theory and practical. Whilst I had some musical ability, my daughter was a novice, however, we are progressing through the grades at the same pace. Clive is a very likeable, understanding, patient, and proactive teacher.

Claire Hiett - Parent and Student

Clive has taught me to play the classical guitar for nearly a year and I'm enjoying it. He teaches me a nice and easy way to learn how to play. I found my lessons enjoyable because of the way he teaches me. He has an excellent temperament and is patient. I would recommend Clive as a teacher.

Elizabeth Deang - Student

Clive is one of those people who has a great understanding of his subject but also a great ability to pass that knowledge onto his pupils. He is capable of leading students quite gently down a path that suits their ability but now and then can get them to push their boundries to a level that he knows they are capable of achieving. Clive is able to demonstrate any aspect of playing the guitar and also of explaining the theoretical side of music. It was a very good day for me when I was recommended to approach Clive for lessons and, in turn, I would certainly recommend him to anyone wishing to study classical guitar.

Dilwyn Gates - Student

Clive was recommended to us and we will certainly pass that recommendation on to others. Our seven year old son thoroughly enjoys his lessons as Clive adapts them to suit him and if it's not a day for learning, then it may be a day for practising a duet! Brilliant!

Kirsten and Tom Wilde - Parents

I am seventy four and been a pupil of Clive's this last five years. The classical guitar is something I have long wanted to play. With the extreme patience and good guidance of Clive, I am some way to achieving that goal. Without too much theory I can read music enough to play pieces I have never seen or heard before and this pleases me the most. Clive has a very practical and commonsense approach to teaching, and with this, can recommend him to anyone young or old.

Thank you Clive.

John R Thomas - Student