From The Calm

This fourth offering continues the same profile as my last CD, Shades of Gold, in which the music written for classical guitar employed orchestral instruments to support the melodies. Although similar orchestration is used in this new body of work, instruments such as saxophone, drums and even electric guitar have been incorporated.

Indeed, the reason for the inclusion of the electric guitar was due in part to a chance meeting of an old friend, Bob Warren, who worked with me on some TV and radio programmes during the 1980s.After this encounter I listened to a piece of music of mine written in about 1981, so I thought I would re-score the music to include parts for strings,woodwind and piano, but keep to the original idea. I then asked Bob if he would play the same solo part that he played back in the 1980s using the same sound. He said yes, and this would make the last track on the CD. So I must thank Bob for all his help on this track.

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Shades of Gold

Clive has recorded at our studio (Sycamore Studio) for some years. His work has included music from composers such as J.S. Bach through to music from film and television. Many arranged by himself for classical guitar. Amongst these was a suite written by himself, this prompted a suggestion from us at the studio, to make a CD entirely of his own compositions. Clive’s reaction to this was “I’ll think about it” and so the seed was sown for this CD.

In 2010 we started recording the first track, although Clive had not completely made up his mind at this time, we knew this CD would happen, recording each track as and when the compositions rolled out.

Clive has used two guitars on the recordings, both made by Robert Davis. The first five tracks used the guitar made in 2005. This was made from Brazilian rosewood with a spruce top, the second was made in 2011, and had used timber from the same stock of rosewood but used a cedar top. Both guitars recorded well with good balance and tone.

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Portrait of a Guitar and Orchestra

When trying to decide what to record on this CD, it occurred to me that I had arranged many popular tunes for classical guitar and it seemed a good idea to give some of them an airing. Also it gave me the opportunity to use the orchestral scores I’d written to accompany these arrangements, and so this CD for Classical Guitar and Orchestra was decided.

In addition to these are two compositions of mine, first is a Suite (Autumn) and a Bagatelle which you can hear a portion of using the player on this page.

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Memories of the Orangery Concert

The concert at the Margam Orangery was promised to Robert Davis the luthier, that on completion of the instrument, the performance would be given. This CD commemorates that event. The quote below is Brian Whitehouse's review of the recording.

"The first thing that strikes one about Clive’s playing is that it is very much from the heart. Wales has long been internationally renowned for it’s vocal traditions and Welshman Clive’s playing is really at home in the lyrical qualities that much of the chosen repertoire demands."

Brian Whitehouse

Classical Guitar Centre, Birmingham

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